SEX: Male
BIRTHDAY: April 2013

Bob is a real character, a real love sponge. He's not like your typical greyhound, however - he has lots of energy and LOVES to play - his favourite is football and he's mad about squeaky toys.

Even Bob's coat is like no other - jet black with lots of little white flecks like snowflakes, making him a very handsome chap indeed.

But underneath his upbeat nature, there is a dog that lacks confidence when out in the big wide world. At the recent NEC pet show our volunteer found that, despite all the bluster, he hid behind her legs when encountering other dogs. He's responding well to reward-based training to help his confidence.

A wonderful, quirky dog, Bob is fun, silly, and affectionate - a fantastic pet for a family (with older children who are just as sturdy as him) who are experienced dog owners and can teach him that other dogs are indeed his friends. In return, Bob will be the most fantastic pet - a big dog with an even bigger heart.

Call us on 0121-426-4810 and come and have a play with Bob at our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Coldfield.